The Center for Well-Being

The Center for Well-Being was founded to develop a coherent therapy for the treatment of mental health disorders. Unsatisfied with approaches that only incorporate certain facets of human personality (e.g. strict behavioral, biomedical, or psychosocial approaches), Dr. C. Robert Cloninger has spent the past twenty years developing an integrative biopsychosocial model of human personality.  The Science of Well-Being examines the principles and mechanisms underlying the natural development of well-being in the individual. Based on research done is this field, the center’s goal is to develop innovative forms of therapy that health professionals can integrate into their practices.  

The mission of the Center for Well-Being is to research and describe the principles governing the development of well-being, to develop innovative treatments based on this research, and to raise awareness of these principles and treatments in both professional and popular communities. To advance the goal of understanding and improving the state of mental health, the Center collaborates with practitioners


  • To research, describe, and promote Coherence Therapy for well-being.
  • To develop innovative theoretical and practical guidance for therapists based on Coherence Therapy and the Science of Well-Being.
  • To facilitate the use of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) by providing online access to the test and educating people on the theory behind it.
  • To help raise awareness of the importance of integrating biomedical, psychosocial, and spiritual approaches in the treatment of mental health disorders.